5 tools to help your business run more efficiently.

Everyday, more and more business tools become available to make starting a company that much easier to the point that it’s often to decide which ones are best for you. Which of the 20 email automation services is the best? Should you be running Facebook ads by yourself? How do you find a virtual assistant online?

These questions tend to stack up, making figuring out what’s best for you a daunting task—to the point where business owners don’t use any of the tools at all!

Well in the same way that Deliv is the easiest way for businesses to offer same day delivery, we thought we’d list out a few of our other tools that can contribute to making your everyday workload that much more manageable.

1. AdEspresso

Facebook is one of the few platforms where the sky is basically the limit. With 2 billion people available on Facebook alCone, and a couple hundred million more through Instagram, you’ll be hard pressed to find a company whose audience isn’t on Facebook.

The tricky part is managing their relatively cumbersome ad manager. How do you make sense of the seemingly endless amount of levers you can pull on Facebook’s backend?

Services like AdEspresso makes managing hundreds of ads and ad variants as simple as plugging in a few images and lines of copy. Determine success by whatever KPIs you’re interested in, whether it’s video views or

2. Mailchimp

We constantly talk about the importance of omnichannel marketing—you need to be offering both physical and digital touchpoints for your customer experience. One of the best ways to do that? Email marketing.

Whether it’s exchanging discounts for emails or offering giveaways, getting those few characters before and the @ sign means you can land in your customer’s inbox at any moment. Studies show that email marketing can see as high as a 35-1 return in some cases.

Mailchimp is a free (with a premium option) that helps you manage lists, create templates, and craft beautiful messages that will resonate with your customer.

3. Zendesk

Unless you want to set up a call center or constantly be on your cell phone, you’ll have to let technology manage the bulk of your customer service with tools like Zendesk.

The importance of on-call customer response has never been more important, especially for e-commerce, where customer service often has to make up for the lack of any human contact in the purchase process.

4. StitchLabs

If you’re in the business of selling physical goods, you’ll know how important (and how difficult) it is to manage inventory. This is where StitchLabs comes into play, by tying into any number of stores and cross checking with ecommerce platforms, you can keep track of inventory numbers across all distribution channels. Stitch also has a robust reporting feature, which can be customized very inexpensively.

5. Deliv

Same day delivery is quickly becoming the shipping standard, with reports finding that 56% of millennial shoppers expect to have that option when purchasing online.

But we’re all aware of the reality: offering expedited delivery has been difficult and expensive. Hiring drivers, investing in a vehicle, developing a delivery route—the costs of those add up quickly both in capital and in time.

The key to that statement of above is that delivery has been difficult to offer. Our dynamic transportation platform makes plugging in and offering same day delivery simpler and more affordable. Pay by the delivery and you’ll never have to worry about the overhead of offering the very best in convenience.

Sign up for Deliv today and start offering same day delivery within hours! Contact us for more information on our Enterprise API integration.


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