3 easy steps for businesses to make better video content

Do you want to know the key to a successful business? Standing out.

Offering a phenomenal product or service is often not enough; you need to cut through the noise and connect with customers, whether that’s through convenient delivery options or an eye-catching website experience! In today’s digital world, there’s no better way to achieve brand awareness than with video.

Whether you’re a dentist or florist, mechanic or baker, one thing has dramatically changed your business: the internet. People aren’t discovering businesses like they once were—walking through the mall or sifting through the yellow pages. The way your business looks online means a lot to consumers nowadays.

Deliv is leading the way in making same day delivery accessible to businesses of any size—and that same access is being made available for numerous business tools. Website building and hosting tools, for instance, has been made simple to throw up a landing page. Yourlocalbusiness.com or maryslandscaping.com are becoming technically feasible for even a novice to build, but the content that goes on the site? Well that’s a different story.

We’ve put together a helpful, 3-step guide to making video content that is sure to make your business pop!

1. Put a face to the name

Online retailers and local corner stores alike can equally benefit from consumers having a face to put to the business name. This comes down to wanting to have a personal connection with the places they’re giving their business.

Examples are easy to come by. The “can you hear me now?” guy from Verizon, for instance, was nearly a cultural movement—you couldn’t ask if your speech was audible without a reference being made. Flo, the spunky woman you’ll likely recognize from Progressive ads, even has her own wikipedia page!

But for smaller businesses, you don’t need a national commercial to have a host. Simply add a personal touch with yourself or a customer to any video on your site and give it a shot!

2. Show your product or service within 5-6 seconds

Are you trying to sell a product? Well show it.

This may seem like an obvious one, but a surprising amount of videos are too slow to show what they’re actually selling. We live in a fast-paced retail environment, and consumers simply aren’t going to stick around for more than a few seconds to find out what you offer.

Depending on the product or service you’re offering, striking a balance between being concise and explanatory is key. Do you have a new gadget or widget that a potential customer would like to see work? Show them. Do you want people to understand the superior quality or value of your service? Explain it.

3. Vertical video on social media

This third point takes into consideration where you’re going to put your video.

Longer, landscape videos can likely live on your site because most people will be searching on desktop, or will be acquainted with holding their phone sideways on mobile. When it comes to social, however, numerous studies have found that vertical videos is key. Snapchat, Instagram stories, facebook—they’re all doubling down on vertical video and so should you.

After you’ve developed that spiffy new video for your site, consider adopting a same-day solution for you and your customers. 70% of consumers are beginning to expect same-day delivery as an option; Deliv makes it available to businesses of any size without the need to invest in drivers, vehicles, and management. Get a quote today to discover the accessibility of same-day delivery.

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