Month: April 2018

How direct to consumer brands can compete with large retailers

It’s easy to get lost in the headlines. Amazon and Walmart’s dramatic clash to become the cornerstone marketplace for online shoppers has sent numerous shockwaves through the industry in the past 18 months—and the clickbait-y headlines have closely followed. But for direct to consumer retailers worried about how their business fits into the future of retail, it’s important to realize… Read more →

Why Rx Needs Same Day Delivery

Staying healthy is important to all of us. Exercising, eating right, getting proper sleep—there’s a lot that we can do ourselves to ensure our body is remaining healthy. For millions of Americans prescription drugs are an essential piece of that puzzle—and the size of the Rx industry reflects that. Last year, consumers were projected to spend $360.1 billion on prescription… Read more →

same day delivery

How same day delivery can work for you and your customers

Billions of dollars are spent every year on products and goods. From online shopping to classic brick and mortar, consumers are shelling out cash in exchange for clothes, groceries, and everything else that makes up our material lives. What consumers tend to overlook—but a factor retailers and manufacturers are well aware of—is the numerous touchpoints it took to get the… Read more →

Bakeries, florists, and Same Day Delivery

Freshly baked cupcakes and newly cut flowers may not seem very similar. One is baked while the other is grown; one is for eating and one is for smelling; but when it comes to the business of selling those items, there is more in common than you’d think. Bakers and florists provide consumers with the items that brighten up their… Read more →