Month: June 2017

Can Same Day Delivery Reduce Packaging Waste?

Over the past decade, we’ve become especially aware of the waste that we’re creating and leaving on a daily basis. Cities have outlawed plastic bags, recycling has increased, and composting has seen an uptick in popularity. We’ve all likely adopted some waste-saving habit, whether that be separating our water bottles or taking a conservative approach to our printing habits, but… Read more →

Daphne Carmeli on Mashable: Amazon will use Whole Foods to eat the grocery industry

With last week’s news of Amazon acquiring supermarket chain, Whole Foods, for a reported $13.7 billion, the grocery industry has been shaken up even further. Deliv CEO, Daphne Carmeli, breaks down what that means for grocers, same day delivery and, most importantly, consumers. You can find “Amazon will use Whole Foods to eat the grocery industry” on Mashable now! Read more →

alcohol delivery

Alcohol is delivered! Say Goodbye to Beer Runs.

Everything, delivered. That statement has become increasingly true of just about anything available for purchase nowadays. From mattresses to flowers to groceries, the convenience of delivery has become commonplace. Deliv, however, has helped take this idea to the furthest extent. Everything, delivered. Faster. Deliv’s logistics system allows retailers and grocers alike to offer their goods with Same Day Delivery. And… Read more →

brick & mortar

Omnichannel Retail: Pure-play and Brick & Mortar

Casper, the millennial-beloved company that made waves in the ecommerce industry by selling mattresses online, is turning to brick and mortar for further growth. After selling millions of dollars worth of bedding through clever Facebook advertising and podcast sponsorships, Casper recently announced a partnership with Target to take their online brand offline. Casper is yet another name in the growing… Read more →