Month: May 2017

Is your business wasting time?

Time is money. The first documentation of this phrase was in a letter from Benjamin Franklin to a young salesman. Despite being coined in the 1700s, it is no less true today than it was three centuries ago. The idea of opportunity costs serves as the foundation of the phrase. Because the way we choose to use our time is… Read more →


What retailers can learn from Amazon and Walmart’s price battle

Amazon’s price point for free shipping site democratically at $25 after having been $35 for years before that. While the 10 dollar price drop may seem underwhelming to consumers, it’s indicative of a much larger narrative in the e-commerce space. The step down is another in Amazon’s race to the pricing bottom with retail incumbent Walmart, who had set the… Read more →

Same Day Courier Service For You

Have you ever been sitting in traffic, running the errands that keep you busy all day, and thought, “I wish someone else was doing this.” Well, good news: It has never been easier to use a same day courier service. Deliv lets you outsource your tedious tasks. We handle delivery, giving you more time for doing what you enjoy. Rather… Read more →

same day delivery

5 Creative Ways To Use Same Day Delivery

Same day delivery isn’t necessarily new, but it’s a hot commodity nowadays and more accessible than ever. The ability to deliver items across town within hours has opened up tons of possibilities for companies and individuals alike, leading to some fascinating use cases. Here are a few of our favorite ways people are using Deliv everyday. Pure Play E-commerce We… Read more →