How grocers can revamp their online experience

A Nielsen study found that online grocery sales are expected to explode from approximately two percent to 20 percent of all sales by 2023 — the savviest grocers are already repositioning themselves with same-day delivery solutions and seamless online experiences. The next step for grocers is an end-to-end fulfillment solution for online and brick & mortar grocers  — and it’s now… Read more →


Powering delivery for your online store

Consumer-facing companies are tasked with the difficult challenge of keeping up with customer expectations. The rapidly changing landscape of e-commerce makes meeting those standards a moving target; choice, assurance, convenience, and transparency are all factors that online shoppers are beginning to expect to varying degrees. At the forefront of this new shopping experience is fast, convenient delivery.  This is where… Read more →

It’s time to double down on brand experience

Brands and 3rd party retailers — the companies and stores that curate selections of different brands — originally found Amazon to be a quick and simple fix to opening up an online presence. Amazon’s initial impartiality made the platform an ideal place for upstarts looking to find consumers with high purchase intent. Now that Amazon has gone full steam ahead… Read more →

in home delivery

Holiday Shipping Deadlines 2018

Holiday shipping deadlines can quickly become a point of stress during the holidays. Make sure you’re staying on top of the most important ones! Picture this: You’ve been holiday shopping for weeks, but have only just found the perfect gift for your friend. The only problem? It’s just days before Christmas, the retailer isn’t offering same day delivery, and arrival… Read more →

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How Same Day Delivery can re-energize your customer experience

2019 has seen a rebirth of interest in brick and mortar retail—but not in the traditional sense. Consumers aren’t abandoning their comfy e-commerce shopping experiences to drudge around local strip malls again, but instead are using a combination of in-store and online experiences to find exactly what they’re looking for. This, as is often talked about on the Deliv blog,… Read more →

How brands are using packaging to create an end-to-end experience

Just a few decades ago, the strategies for CPG companies were simple: Stand out on shelves. Before the dawn of the internet and the subsequent rise of e-commerce, transactions only happened in-store. With long aisles and towering shelves lined with goods, the most surefire way to differentiate a quality product was through the packaging. But today, a customer’s experience with… Read more →

What will pharmacies look like in 10 years?

The pharmacy industry is on the cusp of an existential change. Consumers have been prescribed and been receiving their medication in the same manner for decades, an experience typically plagued by long wait times and inconvenient trips to the local pharmacy. Today, however, consumer-facing businesses won’t survive long without a high quality customer experience, and Rx appears to be on… Read more →

3 New Trends in the Grocery Industry

We won’t always be purchasing our fruits and veggies the way we do now. In the last 18 months, the grocery industry has undergone a rapid transition as we see large players overhaul their customer experience to cater to the speed and convenience that consumers have come to expect. With nearly 20% of retail spending going towards food, but only… Read more →